We humans have come a long way, achieved beyond imagination, pursued our dreams, toiled through our work. This has resulted into a mad process of creation and more violently does this affect our lives today than ever. We have today become servants of our own work; slaves of time schedules & in the process have completely ignored and more so abused our body. The body in order to perform productively through the day needs sound sleep & enough comfort during rest hours. This need of the body too has been ignored by us as we do not pay attention to the mattress that we sleep on and see whether it is really providing proper comfort ergonomically to our spine and our neck. This ignorance has led to many people suffering from problems like spondylitis, arthritis, back-aches and a billion other health hazards.

Having realized this huge need for body soothing, back care mattresses, we at Arihant Mattresses have developed scientifically designed Mattresses that help your body revitalize & rejuvenate in the most comfortable way while you sleep. This ergonomically developed mattresses helps you stay fit & stay productive throughout your working hours. So what are you waiting for…browse through our range of exquisite mattresses that soothe your body & your senses for eternal health & relaxation. Arihant Mattresses is one of the largest mattress manufacturers in India with its development centers, headquarters and sales office in Mumbai, India